Eastern Drill is the premier company for water treatments in the Bolton CT area. Every year we hear about a tainted municipal water supply or contaminated wells in the state of Connecticut. Water quality from your Municipal water supply or private well may not be safe periodically. Contaminants may be toxic chemicals, E.coli bacteria, Uranium, salt, pesticides, and more. Each day you and your family drink, bathe, and prepare food using water from your well or municipal water company. Eastern Dr

Eastern Drill provides water treatments for residents of Andover CT who take the quality of their home's water supply seriously. Each day you and your family drink, bathe, and prepare food using water. Whether you have a dug well on your property or you receive your water supply from a municipal water system, having your water tested for safety and purity is always a good idea. What’s in your drinking water? There is more to water quality than appearance and taste. The only reliable method

There are many reasons that ones well can run dry. A few common reasons in the summer months are forgetting to turn off the garden hose, trying to fill a pool, a dry summer season with little rain or even new home construction in your area. What should you do if your well runs dry? Before you start guessing call a pro! Unless you know how the system works you can do more harm than good. Instead of possibly harming your well system you should call someone to teach you how your well functions. Cal

Eastern Drill is a full water service company that has been proudly serving Tolland and Windham counties, CT, for over 60 years.  Our professional experts have served thousands customers, ensuring smooth drilling, installation and construction of systems that will serve all your needs Present and future.  We are always here for an emergencies that may arise with your well.  We are Eastern Connecticut's drilling experts, setting standard of trouble free service for many years ahead. Visit us o

Over 15 million U.S. homes depend on private ground water wells. Because a private well is not subject to EPA regulations, it is the homeowners responsibility to regularly test the water to ensure safety and cleanliness. Eastern Drill servicing New Haven and Fairfield County, CT, offers innovative and cost effective well water treatment solutions.  Experts at Eastern Drill, New Haven and Fairfield County, CT, can handle all water filtration systems, and can also treat your water.

Summer has sprung! Don't forget what Eastern Drill in Windsor, CT can do for your summer home. One of the biggest potential drinking water quality problems for summer home wells is from wastewater disposal. You are advised to make sure that your summer home wastewater system is not overloaded. If you allow your family and guests to use more water than the septic system is designed to handle, there may be a real risk to the groundwater well. There are 15.9 million water wells in the U.S., supplyi

If you are in need of a well repair or well installation call Eastern Drill. We are a CT based locally owned and operated well drilling and pump company that serves all commercial and residential properties in CT. We have a top notch reputation and are fully licensed and insured. If you are looking for a company to perform your well drilling or well pumping needs call the experts at Eastern Drill.  

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